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Biometric FAQ

What is biometric?

Biometrics Technology is a method whereby identity is verified based on intrinsic physical or behavioral traits of humans. Facial recognition is one type of biometric using facial physiology for identification. Biometric eliminates the need for passwords or PIN code and provides a secure method for identification verification.

What are the advantages of facial recognition?

Facial recognition is non-intrusive requiring practically no action from the user. In addition, it is hygienic as it requires no physical contact.

What are the advantages of AccuFace?

It is an embedded system and operates stand-alone without the need to be connected to a computer for its operation. It has a compact form factor and low power consumption, which in turn lowers the product and usage costs.

How does AccuFace work in simple words?

Enrollment of an individual's face is done on the computer and requires less than one minute. Thereafter, the AccuFace unit operates stand-alone; when the individual looks into the screen, identity verification is generally achieved in less than a second. The system supports 1:1 verification and 1:N identification.

How good is the facial recognition technology?

The facial recognition technology easily adapts to changes in hairstyles, facial expression, beard/facial hair, etc. It is robust enough to accommodate users with glasses (provided that eyes are visible) and various indoor lighting conditions.




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